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ABOUT FirstWoods

As a Master Carpenter in the Peoria, IL area for over 40 years, Dave Long has developed a passion for old woods.  In the 1970's he started collecting wood from old homes as they were being demolished for city expansion. Primarily, he retrieved casing, base moulding and flooring. Through his work, he found that the color, tightness of grain, and beauty of vintage wood far surpassed that of today's lumber.  

Dave started FirstWoods in 2020 to pass along the Old World experience to a new generation.  Providing the best quality of old growth lumber to furniture builders, crafters, doll house makers and anyone who could use it for an extra nice touch on your project is his goal.

All inventory is limited.

Small free samples of the end grain are available to show tightness of the grain.

Dave Long, OWNER


Our products can be picked up at our Peoria, Illinois location or shipped directly to you.

why use first growth wood?

Tight grain, old growth lumber is easier to work with and provides higher levels of stability along with beautiful color. This material also allows you to use renewable resources and repurpose this quality wood.

While wood from your local lumber yard may be less expensive, keep in mind that it is a hybrid, fast grown wood that is less stable. FirstWoods offers rare, high quality lumber that will enhance any project you want to build.  Cut in the late 1800's, this lumber is getting harder to find.

growth rings
featured product

Our featured product is Tidewater Red Pecky Cypress.

(Limited Quantities Available) 








Featured products will change monthly. Click the Inventory Tab to view other available products.

 Current Inventory:

White Ash

Long Leaf Yellow Pine

Rock Maple

White Pine


Yellow Cypress

Tidewater Red Pecky Cypress

Red Oak

White Oak


Tidewater Red Pecky Cypress
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